Hello, my name is Brad Gignac.

Web Components and the Future of JS Frameworks

Edit: This talk was originally given at Rackspace on February 21, 2014. I presented an updated version of the talk at Roanoke Code Camp on May 17, 2014, and I have updated the slides on this page to reflect the version presented at Roanoke Code Camp.

Over the last ten years, the web has given birth to hundreds of different Javascript libraries and frameworks, all aimed at making web application development quicker and easier. While these frameworks have let us build great web applications, they have left the web fragmented - frameworks represent a platform unto themselves with almost zero interoperability.

Web components represent a cross-framework method for building composable, reusable widgets that work anywhere on the web, independent of any framework. This talk gives a technical overview of web components and discusses how they will impact the future of Javascript frameworks.